Bike for Bibles Perth to Hobart 2003


David Pascoe


The ride, started in Forest Chase on Monday the 8th of September 2003, and finished in Elizabeth Mall in Hobart on Thursday the 9th of October 2003.


Ride Report - Day 1


Towns - Perth, York

Distance Today: 107.39 km (67.12 m)

Ride Time Today: 04:22:43

Distance so far: 107.39 km (67.12 m)

Ride Time so far: 04:22:43

Av Speed Today: 24.5 km/h (15.31 m/h)

Max Speed Today: 61.7 km/h (38.56 m/h)


The start day has finally arrived. After a great sendoff at Forest Chase we regrouped at the bottom of Greenmount hill. We had managed to stay dry all morning. Used our first-day adrenaline to grind our way up the hill. By the time we reached The Lakes turnoff to York at lunch time the drizzle had set in. Really nice tailwinds pushed us along as well as gave us goosebumps. Could even big ring some of the hills. Some horizontal rain just before we pulled into York.


Had dinner at the Church of Christ in town. Those that wanted were billeted at homes in town - luxury ! I had my wet clothes washed and dried, and even our own bathroom.


Ride Report - Day 2


Towns - York, Mawson, Quarading, Kowlyn, Bruce Rock

Distance Today: 149.06 km (93.16 m)

Ride Time Today: 05:21:03

Distance so far: 256.45 km (160.28 m)  

Ride Time so far: 09:43:46  

Av Speed Today: 27.8 km/h (17.38 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 51.6 km/h (32.25 m/h)


The skies cleared and we started with a crisp morning. The tail winds were with us again, for the first 65km we had an average of 29.4 km/h. We have separated into 2 groups, currently called Y? and Adrenaline Junkies. The AJs are still a bit gun shy and pushing 30 km/h up the hills. One York local suggested that there weren't any hills between York and Bruce Rock - never trust a local ! Still it is a buzz to ride in a group that are drafting and it feels effortless to push along at a good speed. We are all thinking of bed even though it is only 8pm.


Bunking down tonight on the floor of the gymnasium at the Bruce Rock Sporting Complex. Huge dinner was organised by the Church of Christ ladies.


Road Kill Today: an echidna, something mildly resembling a kangaroo.


Ride Report - Day 3


Towns - Bruce Rock, Merredin, Condallin, Southern Cross

Distance Today: 162.25 km (101.41 m)   Ride Time Today: 05:27:09   

Distance so far: 418.70 km (261.69 m)   Ride Time so far: 15:10:55  

Av Speed Today: 29.7 km/h (18.56 m/h)   Max Speed Today: 62.5 km/h (39.06 m/h)


Had a look at some writing guides to make for interesting reading about bike rides. They said don't talk too much about the weather, wind, speed or rain. So my reports from now on will be very short. Thats all we think about all day long. That and the calf muscles of the guy in front of you....


It was raining when we left Bruce Rock, headed north back towards Great Eastern Highway. The winds were really strong across us so we kept it down to an average 24.5 km/h for the 45 km to Merredin. It was hard work to get there. Would have taken hours and hours if we couldn't draft off each other.


Optus surprisingly has coverage so could make a quick call home. Still feeling cold and wet at this stage.


The run to lunch finally has the wind behind us, we can now go for a ride ! The sun broke through a few times as we started to sit on a steady 38+ Seeing the larger road trains now. Their spray of dust and stones can be scary. Not sure who is more nervous, us or them.


The Red Bull VW Beetle on the way to the Karlgoorlie Cup stops and hands us a bag of sugar free Red Bull. We have decided that Red Bull Gives You Wind. Mmmm the writing guide didn't say anything about bodily functions.....


After lunch the speed picks up again and we see long periods over 40 km/h. These tail winds are making riding as much fun as you can get. The seat area discomfort and leg cramps are about the same intensity so that probably means that I'm doing ok. We have 15 hours now before we pack up and leave again so we are all counting on this being good healing time.


Tonight we bunk down on the floor of the Yilgarn Sporting Complex in Southern Cross.


Ride Report - Day 4  


Towns - Southern Cross, Bullabulling, Coolgardie

Distance Today: 189.43 km (118.39 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:45:47  

Distance so far: 608.13 km (380.08 m)  

Ride Time so far: 20:56:42  

Av Speed Today: 32.8 km/h (20.5 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 52.4 km/h (32.75 m/h)


No rain today, cloudy and cool. Cancel that it was freezing this morning and we started out pretty slowly. There is getting to be less and less to look as we get further out - low scrub, pink and white everlastings everywhere. The AJs are no more, we are now Team Maverick. I thought that Herd of Cats might be a good name that it probably a bit too geeky for most.


If yesterday's average was worth writing about then today's is huge. We are becoming a well oiled machine. I am drawing on all my training as the group powers on. There is plenty of friendly testosterone, and we are all enjoying hooning so much that no-one really wants to slow up. Feeling less sore than yesterday so am probably getting into a good routine. Plenty of conversations around the place to do with each other's sitting routine.


Feed trough (we eat a lot) was put on at Coolgardie Recreation Centre and we are staying at the Coolgardie Gospel Chapel and with a few of the locals.


Ride Report - Day 5  


Towns - Coolgardie, Widgiemooltha, Norseman

Distance Today: 170.14 km (106.34 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:46:18  

Distance so far: 778.27 km (486.42 m)  

Ride Time so far: 26:43:00  

Av Speed Today: 29.4 km/h (18.37 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 54.8 km/h (34.25 m/h)


Much harder work today, we took the same time as yesterday to ride 20km less. Had side winds all day as we headed south to Norseman.


The road is hilly and bendy so it can get interesting sharing it with those huge road trains.


Got to admire the Kambalda to Esperance gas pipeline for much of the trip. It is a big yellow pipe laying there ready to be put into it's trench.


All of our sitting bits are glad that we can rest tomorrow. You start feeling better after just a few minutes off the bike. We are bedding down tonight and tomorrow night in the Norseman Gospel Hall. Roadies cooked us a great hot meal. A friend took us for a quick tour of the town, including the huge tailings dump that towers over the town. She even did the washing for some of us - thanks Julie !


Ride Report - Day 6     


Towns – Norseman


Sat on the bronze horse called Norseman after which the town is named. Not sure that there is a whole lot more to do :) Really nice to be able to relax and do very little. Can get simple access to the net on these Pie Link machines that gobble coins. Photos are going to be too hard at this stage.


Ride Report - Day 7  


Towns - Norseman, Balladonia, nothing else !

Distance Today: 193.50 km (120.94 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:14:30  

Distance so far: 971.77 km (607.36 m)  

Ride Time so far: 32:57:30  

Av Speed Today: 31 km/h (19.38 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 54.3 km/h (33.94 m/h)


Starting to see the long long stretches of road out in front of us. Pulled into Balladonia at 5pm. The team got a couple of donations on the road - literally. A couple of truckies were looking for particular team members and said hi over our two-ways. One nullarbor day down, 6 to go.


Ride Report - Day 8


Towns - Balladonia, Caiguna.

Distance Today: 183.50 km (114.69 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:19:45  

Distance so far: 1155.27 km (722.04 m)  

Ride Time so far: 39:17:15  

Av Speed Today: 28.9 km/h (18.06 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 41.7 km/h (26.06 m/h)



A long straight stretch, in fact much of the day was taken by Australia's longest straight road - 146.6 km. Saw my first live kangaroo. We are seeing an impressive amount of deceased kangaroos, some are even hazards for cyclists. Dinner tonight at the Caiguna Roadhouse.


Ride Report - Day 9


Towns - Caiguna, Cocklebiddy, Madura

Distance Today: 159.64 km (99.77 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:14:44  

Distance so far: 1314.91 km (821.82 m)  

Ride Time so far: 44:31:59  

Av Speed Today: 30.4 km/h (19 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 63.7 km/h (39.81 m/h)



A short day today before a biggie tomorrow. We put our watches forward 45 min last night to get ready for crossing the border later. Saw a couple of fantastic wedge tailed eages soaring in the morning. Long stretch of 65 km before morning tea at Cocklebiddy. Met a couple of people from church in the cocklebiddy carpark


Had a kangaroo hop across the road just 5m in front of us. Stopped at the lookout at Madura Pass. The view is breathtaking, you seem to be able to see forever.


A short sweet downhill before dinner and staying at Madura Motel.


Ride Report - Day 10


Towns - Madura, Mundrabilla, Border Village

Distance Today: 196.00 km (122.5 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:29:44  

Distance so far: 1510.91 km (944.32 m)  

Ride Time so far: 51:01:43  

Av Speed Today: 30.1 km/h (18.81 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 44 km/h (27.5 m/h)



A long day with a nice up-hill at the end. Pretty awesome riding conditions, no wind, warm and sunny. Straight road for most of the day as we followed the escarpment along.


Right at the end of the day we cross into South Australia, so we have finally left W.A.


Ride Report - Day 11


Towns - Border Village, Nullarbor

Distance Today: 188.31 km (117.69 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:27:29  

Distance so far: 1699.22 km (1062.01 m)  

Ride Time so far: 57:29:12  

Av Speed Today: 29.1 km/h (18.19 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 43.8 km/h (27.37 m/h)


Wind can make or break a day's ride. A hard push to morning tea and lunch. A cold morning and stinking hot day. Finally got some tail winds late in the day. Fantastic views of the cliffs in the Great Australian Bight (could be spelt bite - if you ever saw them ... )


Cyclist Tip for Today: if eating a banana in high winds, only peel that much of the banana that you are ready to bite.


Roast Pork for dinner at the Nullarbor Motel. Sheer luxury of another real bed


Ride Report - Day 12


Towns - Nullarbor, Nundroo

Distance Today: 145.56 km (90.97 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:29:11  

Distance so far: 1844.78 km (1152.99 m)  

Ride Time so far: 62:58:23  

Av Speed Today: 26.5 km/h (16.56 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 50.9 km/h (31.81 m/h)


Rode through the Nullarbor Plain proper - a short 1 hour ride through the bizarre but beautiful tree-less wasteland. The sun was just up and we rode straight out into it. The terrain changed very quickly into a hard, hilly, windy day.


First Task at Dinner: after passing all of the road kill during the day, be sure that kangaroo isn't on the evening menu.


Ride Report - Day 13


Towns - Nundroo, Penong, Ceduna

Distance Today: 154.37 km (96.48 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:16:34  

Distance so far: 1999.15 km (1249.47 m)  

Ride Time so far: 68:14:57  

Av Speed Today: 29.2 km/h (18.25 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 58.2 km/h (36.38 m/h)


A very hot northerly wind controlled our whole day. We struggled against it for several hours before it swung around and blew us into town. We could do Tour de France speeds for the final hour - a huge buzz.


Ceduna is like an oasis after the last week on the nullarbor stretch. Petrol is back under $1 a litre and you can buy choc milk that hasn't been frozen in transit.


The nothingness has changed into a new sort of nothingness. Finally land that is even worth fencing.


We were welcomed to town by the Mayor and combined ministers. A great aunt that I have never really met came down to our arrival to say hello.


Ride Report - Day 14    


Towns – Ceduna


A really nice town to have a rest day in. Ceduna is big enough to have everything we need, including Optus mobile coverage. The pharmacist will even open up for us today, a Sunday.


Ride Report - Day 15


Towns - Ceduna, Wirilla, Poochera

Distance Today: 142.87 km (89.29 m)  

Ride Time Today: 04:18:17  

Distance so far: 2142.02 km (1338.76 m)  

Ride Time so far: 72:33:14  

Av Speed Today: 33.1 km/h (20.69 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 63.7 km/h (39.81 m/h)


Not sure what we did in Ceduna, but we got welcomed by the Mayor and escorted out by the Police. Awesome tail winds make for our shortest ridetime so far. We arrive in Poochera by 2 pm.


Poochera is a tiny dot, thankfully big enough to have an oval with a sports hall that we can kip down in. Only one toilet which makes for interesting times with 30 hungry active boys.


In just a few days we will be in Adelaide where we will pick up 5 or 6 new riders. Will be nice to have some some new calf muscles and bottoms to look at...


Ride Report - Day 16


Towns - Poochera, Minnipa, Wudinna, Kimba

Distance Today: 177.73 km (111.08 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:18:00  

Distance so far: 2319.75 km (1449.84 m)  

Ride Time so far: 77:51:14  

Av Speed Today: 33.5 km/h (20.94 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 75.7 km/h (47.31 m/h)


Another record breaking day for us. Tail winds, fast speeds - you know the story by now ... The lunch put on for us at Wudinna was truly awesome. The Anzac biscuits and floretines really were worth writing (emailing?) home about. Lunch was early so it weighed us down for most of the afternoon.


Today's interesting roadkill: wombat (well interesting for a Perth kid).


Ride Report - Day 17


Towns - Kimba, Iron Knob, Port Augusta

Distance Today: 163.00 km (101.88 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:30:34  

Distance so far: 2482.75 km (1551.72 m)  

Ride Time so far: 83:21:48  

Av Speed Today: 29.5 km/h (18.44 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 58.1 km/h (36.31 m/h)


Lunch was outside the roadhouse at Iron Knob. Dunno about one `of them' but some of us would like an iron butt ! Darryl the truckie managed to find us again (third time), so has become a legend of our trip. Also met a couple of bus loads of excited school kids on a trip from Kingsway Christian College. Iron Knob is slowly disappearing as the mountain gets mined. We were shocked to realise that we were reaching civilisation in Port Augusta - McDonalds and traffic lights. The first traffic lights since Midland on day 1.


Dinner was at the Salvation Army Citadel, and bunking down at the School of the Air.


Ride Report - Day 18


Towns - Port Augusta, Port Germein, Crystal Brook, Yacka, Clare

Distance Today: 196.35 km (122.72 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:42:44  

Distance so far: 2679.10 km (1674.44 m)  

Ride Time so far: 90:04:32  

Av Speed Today: 29.2 km/h (18.25 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 65.8 km/h (41.12 m/h)


The hugest day of the ride yet (better save some superlatives for the rest of the trip). Great fields of Canola and grape vines as we roll towards Clare. The reception in Crystal Brook was fantastic - banners, balloons and screaming children. We are approaching celebrity status. One of the riders who was engaged just before the ride is met by the girl with the biggest smile. We have declared today to be "Brad Day". The 200 kids at Crystal Brook Primary School swarmed around Brad, really cute and quite funny to watch. "I touched Brad's hand !".


A long day with lots of appointments but such a rewarding day.


I have ear plugs rated to 25dB, but perhaps they need to be rated better to overcome the BFB Communal snoring level.


Ride Report - Day 19


Towns - Clare, Tarlee, Gawler, Adelaide

Distance Today: 140.25 km (87.66 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:21:12  

Distance so far: 2819.35 km (1762.09 m)  

Ride Time so far: 95:25:44  

Av Speed Today: 26.1 km/h (16.31 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 55.2 km/h (34.5 m/h)


More picture book scenery leaving Clare. The Canola crop this year is looking (and smelling) great. Got the usual great country cooking and cuppa at Tarlee. Big welcome in Gawler where 4 guys join us for the rest of the trip. The Police escort started at Gawler and ended in Rundle Mall. The team managed to stay together as we trailed the Police car for the 50 km trip. We really are approaching celebrity status - they even stopped the traffic, and changed all the lights to green for us. The Police looked after us brilliantly, even in the rain and when a few of us had a tumble in the middle of an intersection (very embarassing for celebrities).


The Mayor met us outside Myer. We got to hear from someone who has spent some time working in India on similar programs to the Bible Society.


A soggy welcome but it is fantastic to have arrived.


Ride Report - Day 20    


Towns – Adelaide


Most of us are staying at the Bible College of SA in Malvern. The sun is out and we can catch up on the washing and cleaning. Off the watch the AFL Final. Go Brisbane !


Ride Report - Day 21


Towns - Adelaide, Summer Town, Nairne, Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend

Distance Today: 108.14 km (67.59 m)  

Ride Time Today: 03:59:45  

Distance so far: 2927.49 km (1829.68 m)  

Ride Time so far: 99:25:29  

Av Speed Today: 27 km/h (16.88 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 68.5 km/h (42.81 m/h)


Feels like the 3 weeks riding so far was just a training ride for Mt. Lofty. Straight out of Adelaide we climbed up Greenhill Rd. The climb was 7.3 km of 6.4% rise taking us up 470m. Great feeling to be at the top. Some nice fast scenic downhills for the next 25 km.


Sadly BFB doesn't have many contacts in Tailem Bend so the roadies have to cook dinner for us. The guys joining us from Adelaide do some mechanical work as we bunk down on the Gym floor at the Tailem Bend Primary School.


Ride Report - Day 22


Towns - Tailem Bend, Coonalpyn, Tintinara, Keith, Border Town

Distance Today: 177.07 km (110.67 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:27:20  

Distance so far: 3104.56 km (1940.35 m)  

Ride Time so far: 105:52:49  

Av Speed Today: 27.4 km/h (17.12 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 42.2 km/h (26.38 m/h)


Sitting here trying to think of something positive about today's ride. Mmmm. We are now dry and still alive. Got enough rain in the morning to get soggy socks that lasted the day. Most of the day was on Dukes Highway (a very blah road) and trying to avoid the trucks and buses. School holidays and a narrow road made for even more fun.


Had a bicycle first today: saw a pumpture - a pump came off one bike and the next one rolled over it and had a flat.


Ride Report - Day 23  


Towns - Bordertown, Frances, Goroke, Horsham

Distance Today: 174.26 km (108.91 m)  

Ride Time Today: 06:30:23  

Distance so far: 3278.82 km (2049.26 m)  

Ride Time so far: 112:23:12  

Av Speed Today: 26.7 km/h (16.69 m/h)   Max Speed Today: 52.4 km/h (32.75 m/h)


Our oldest rider, Margaret, turned 68 today so we sang happy birthday to her several times. We cross the border into Victoria straight after our morning tea stop at Frances. Only 1 more state left to go. Rode into cold headwinds for the second day, sapping our energy. We are now on C roads so feel like we really are riding in the country. Nice not to have to compete with the big trucks.


Ride Report - Day 24  


Towns - Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, Beaufort, Ballarat

Distance Today: 187.09 km (116.93 m)  

Ride Time Today: 07:17:28  

Distance so far: 3465.91 km (2166.19 m)  

Ride Time so far: 119:40:40  

Av Speed Today: 25.6 km/h (16 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 46.5 km/h (29.06 m/h)


The sort of day that makes you want to have children so that you can tell them how bad one days riding was. It was more than 7 hours of cold rain and wind. It did not let up for the day. Can hardly believe that there are water restrictions in areas nearby as so much wet stuff fell out of the sky on us.


Spent most of the day wet and shivering. The day was too much for many who spent spells on the bus to get over the cold. The hardest day on the bike I've ever had. A cold cold night in Ballarat.


Ride Report - Day 25  


Towns - Ballarat, Ballan, Melton, Deer Park, Melbourne

Distance Today: 120.14 km (75.09 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:19:58  

Distance so far: 3586.05 km (2241.28 m)  

Ride Time so far: 125:00:38  

Av Speed Today: 22.5 km/h (14.06 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 46 km/h (28.75 m/h)


My 2nd hardest day on the bike ever, and only because it was shorter than yesterday. Another 5 cold hours in the saddle as the heavens open up. We were running late to all appointments because of the rain and flats.


Found the reason for my 2 flat tyres yesterday and the one this morning - a very sharp piece of metal was in the rubber. I had hoped to go the whole way on my GatorSkins but alas they let me down. It is no fun changing a tube in the freezing rain, especially with the rest of the team shivering around you waiting.


Bright point of the day was the police escort from Deer Park into Federation Square. We are welcomed by Tim Costello who put up us with being quite late.

Off to the ferry early in the morning.


Ride Report - Day 26


Towns - Melbourne, Devonport,  Burnie


Caught the Spirit of Tasmania II at 9am from Melbourne, arriving in Devonport at about 7pm. The sea was dead flat, sky was blue, so had a chance to relax and maybe even snooze on the boat.


Straight to dinner in Devonport and then to our billets in Burnie. Even though it was a quiet day the 5am start makes us sleepy early. Seems that everyone in Burnie lives on a hill - great for everyone having a view, not so great if you are a cyclist.


Ride Report - Day 27


Towns - Burnie, Ridgely, Riverbend


A rest day in Burnie. The sun is out, seems we have chased the bad weather away for now. Lunch is at Ridgely, before we head to the campsite at Riverbend, ready to ride tomorrow from Riverbend/Smithton back to Burnie. A slightly circuitous route so that we get to ride from the north west tip down to the east coast and down to Hobart.


The distances aren't that huge (for us road warriors as we have been called), but I'm not sure that anyone on the team would want to look at any elevation contour maps.


Ride Report - Day 28


Towns - Riverbend/Smithton, Stanley, Rocky Cape, Wynyard, Burnie

Distance Today: 113.24 km (70.77 m)  

Ride Time Today: 04:09:17  

Distance so far: 3699.29 km (2312.06 m)  

Ride Time so far: 129:09:55  

Av Speed Today: 27.2 km/h (17 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 67.1 km/h (41.94 m/h)


For those who have been looking for Riverbend on the net, it is a very swish campsite just outside Smithton.


Morning tea stop was at a 4.5 star B&B in Stanley. The team took part in the service at Rocky Cape. I have never attended a church service in Lycra before - can't see it taking off as a fashion statement.


Rode through Table Cape, past the Tulip farms to a lookout, looking out over Wynyard and Burnie.


Tasmania has lots of contented looking cows - who wouldn't be with all the lovely hills, green grass.


The legs got a good workout on a few of the hills, have the feeling that there may be a few more waiting for us ....


Ride Report - Day 29


Towns - Burnie, Devonport, Deloraine, Carrick, Launceston.

Distance Today: 151.05 km (94.41 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:05:53  

Distance so far: 3850.34 km (2406.46 m)  

Ride Time so far: 134:15:48  

Av Speed Today: 29.6 km/h (18.5 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 64.6 km/h (40.37 m/h)


A hard but gorgeous day. We started with a little coastal meander from Burnie via Penguin to Devonport. The hills had started already. Lunch was of course at a church on the top of a very big hill. They never build things in valleys over here.


Got the local goss on how to say Launceston. If you don't want to sound like a mainlander, say it Lonceston, not Lawnceston. There is no Lawn in Launceston.


Made the local `The Advocate' newspaper in Burnie. We may have to pay to get more publicity.


Actually didn't mind stopping for a flat in the group as the backdrop was snow capped mountains. The scenery and cool sunny day is as good as you will get anywhere. Feasts for the eyes but pain for the legs.


Am seeing a new class of roadkill. All things dead on the side of the road have thick fur coats.


Ride Report - Day 30


Towns - Launceston, Epping Forest, Avoca, St. Marys, St. Helens

Distance Today: 165.52 km (103.45 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:36:27  

Distance so far: 4015.86 km (2509.91 m)  

Ride Time so far: 139:52:15  

Av Speed Today: 29.5 km/h (18.44 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 63.7 km/h (39.81 m/h)


Another rewarding riding day. The terrain was officially `as flat as Tassie gets'. A lovely zig zag downhill through St. Mary's Pass. Stopped for a quick photo at the Perth Post Office just outside Launceston. May have trouble impressing locals that we have ridden from `Perth' to Hobart - only 165 km.


Had a session riding with the Y?'s group and was really happy to be able to recover and enjoy the scenery. Lots of lovely green hills, white sheep and mountains in the background. The Fingal Valley was gorgeous.


Many in the team are looking forward to Hobart asap it has been a long month. It took self control to turn left to go to the east coast, it was just 150km straight ahead to Hobart.


Ride Report - Day 31


Towns - St. Helens, Lagoon Beach, Bicheno, Swansea

Distance Today: 124.34 km (77.71 m)  

Ride Time Today: 04:52:27  

Distance so far: 4140.20 km (2587.62 m)  

Ride Time so far: 144:44:42  

Av Speed Today: 25.5 km/h (15.94 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 58.5 km/h (36.56 m/h)


Another lovely oceanside ride a long from St. Helens. Everyone gets an ocean view around here. If this kind of scenery was on the mainland it would all have been built out ages ago.


In preparation for tomorrow we took `The Cut' up and down into Swansea. A short riding day, big things await. Nice to arrive early in the afternoon.


Have decided that Optus stands for OPtional Telephone USage - just can't get any coverage in these little towns.


Ride Report - Day 32


Towns - Swansea, Triabunna, Richmond, Hobart

Distance Today: 144.46 km (90.29 m)  

Ride Time Today: 05:57:25  

Distance so far: 4284.66 km (2677.91 m)  

Ride Time so far: 150:42:07  

Av Speed Today: 24.2 km/h (15.12 m/h)  

Max Speed Today: 73.3 km/h (45.81 m/h)


One of the hardest rides of the trip, saved until last. It felt cold enough to snow when we left Swansea. Had some very steep hills to climb with inviting names like `Break-me-Neck' and `Bust-me-Gall'. Could just as easily been called slap-me-silly-for-riding-so-far. Had freezing cross winds for most of the day. These hills were rewarded by some scary downhill riding through Black Charlie’s Opening.


One tip for cyclists on big downhills: when you see a 35 km/h sign with a squiqly arrow, start putting on the brakes quickly !


We had a hilly, chilly, but dry welcome to Hobart.


A buzz to pull into the mall in Hobart, even 5 minutes early ! Had some familiar faces to greet me which was special - thanks Judi, Marg, Amy and Laura.


We were each given a medallion in the mall by the Mayor. Am feeling like we have come to the end of a really long camp. Will be strange as we all say goodbye. What an awesome 32 days.